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J. & J. Patterson School Of Theology was founded in 1998 by Dr. Janie Cole. It is a school designed with the serious student in mind. Understanding the truth about Christianity and the role that God plays in the lives of people can be a fascinating exploration.

We take a deeper look into our God and how He relates to our faith both individually and as a corporate body. Questions like: What is the theological ramifications of the cross? How does water baptism connect with regeneration? Are we components of two separate natures? Can we believe everything the Bible says? And, most importantly, is there external and internal evidence that God and Jesus are one-are but a few questions that will claim our attention throughout our study.

Course Work And Assignments

Students are expected to prepare for class meetings by reading the weeks' assignment. To receive maximum knowledge and inspiration during the next 48 weeks you must:


Make a commitment of at least two to four hours each week for reading the assigned scripture and any other homework assignments given.


Specific assignments for the course includes:

  1. Weekly Quizzes

  2. Two major exams

  3. Research papers

  4. Miscellaneous Assignments

Materials Needed For Class


Required Text

  • Bible- King James Version or New Kings James /Version

  • Bible Dictionary,

  • Bible Handbooks,

  • Webster's or other Dictionary

  • Notebook for notes and assignments

  • Folder for handouts and other materials given

  • Pens, pencils and highlighters

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