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 J. & J. Patterson School Of Theology


was founded in 1998 by Dr. Janie Cole. It is a school designed with the serious student in mind. Understanding the truth about Christianity and the role that God plays in the lives of people can be a fascinating exploration.


The experience of knowing God was promised when the New Covenant which God would make with men was made known through the Prophets. Knowing God means: a growing appreciation of the character of God. That character is discovered through a comprehensive study of God's attributes and personality traits. Human understanding without Biblical authority cannot provide a satisfactory  explanation as to who God is and what God can do.



We take a deeper look into our God and how He relates to our faith both individually and as a corporate body. Questions like: What is the theological ramifications of the cross? How does water baptism connect with regeneration? Are we components of two separate natures? Can we believe everything the Bible says? And, most importantly, is there external and internal evidence that God and Jesus are one-are but a few questions that will claim our attention throughout our study.


With this in mind, let us embark upon this spiritual journey with enthusiasm and commitment knowing that God is the Giver of Knowledge and the Author of Wisdom. Man is a Tri-part being, Spirit, Soul, and Body. We feed and nourish our body with natural food. We feed our soul, (Intellect, Emotion, and Will), we must also feed our Spirit Man. This is the main reason J. & J. Patterson School Of Theology was started.


Come and take a Journey in the Bible (Word of God) with us this semester. You will never be the same.

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