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Dr. Janie Cole


Dr. Janie Cole was born and raised in Cheraw, S.C. She graduated Long's High School of Cheraw, S.C. She

later moved to Philadelphia, PA. where she attended Widener University of Chester, PA., where she received her Bachelor’s Degree and later years a Law Degree in Estates Law. She received her Master’s Degree majoring in Eastern Religions at Easter Theological Seminary of St. Davids, PA. She later received her Doctorate of Divinity at Eastern also. 


She is Founder and Chancellor of J. & J. Patterson College Of Theology, a fully accredited Bible College. She is Founder and Senior Pastor of Trinity Deliverance Worship Center. She is a Revivalist, Motivator, and Conference Speaker. She Ministers Globally. She's a Published Author of 5 books, Titled: It's My Time To Be Blessed, Put My Stuff Back Right Now, Work book titled: Put My Stuff Back Right Now, The Age Of Rage, and just recently published, Yielded And Submitted. 


She's married to Pastor Cornelius Cole and between them, they are proud parents of 10 children, Ernest, Andre', Cornelius, Shawn, Marlon, Latisha, Garrett, Jillian, Jasmin, and Jarryd. They also have 12 beautiful grandchildren. 


Dr. Cole is a highly Anointed Woman of God, with Strong Discernment, Wisdom, and a Discipline for Prayer.

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