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 Course Work, Assignments & Grading


Students are expected to prepare for class meetings by reading the weeks' assignment. To receive maximum knowledge and inspiration during the next 48 weeks you must:

  • Attend every class session (Only "4" excused absences allowed).

  • Review your notes and study sheets each week. A Quiz will be given each week whether in-class, or online.


Mark your Bible with key references from one scripture to another, take notes in class

Make a commitment of at least two to four hours each week for reading the assigned scripture and any other homework assignments given.

Specific assignments for the course includes:

  1. Weekly Quizzes

  2. Two major exams

  3.  Research papers

  4. Miscellaneous assignments



If it is necessary to miss a class, please call your instructor regarding your absence.  Your overall grade will consist of the following criterion:

Class Attendance, Participation/ Weekly Quizzes 25%
Mid-Term Exam   25%
Research Paper   25%
Final Exam  25%

The following grading scale will be implemented:

F=59 and below



Quizzes- there will be no make-up quizzes given whether you have an excused absence or not.

Tests/Final Exam  Make-ups for Tests and the Final Exam will only be given in the case of a medical emergency or a death in the family. This should be done one week after the date of the orignal exam was given. You are otherwise required to take the exams on the dates specified in the syllabus. Anyone who works on the date that the exam is being given, should make arrangements with their employer in advance.

Please remember that we are adhering to an Honor Code here at J. & J. P.  Let's try to maintain honesty and the dignity of ourselves and others in this communal atmosphere.


IN CLASS: Children are absolutely not allowed. No Exceptions, Please make arrangements.

The above items are a must because we have expected too little from Bible Students in the past years. The time has come for Christians who mean business for the Lord, to devote themselves to the study of His Word; and, to learning the basic principles that we should all know. Again, the Blessings of the Lord be with you as you begin this study.

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